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About the Open InnoApps Network

Connecting people who share a passion for digital worlds: With this intention, we founded the Open InnoApps Network. It brings together experts from the fields of innovation, digitization, design and software development. The network offers the chance to inspire each other, to learn from each other – and in this way to make the undreamt-of possible. For the members of our network we organize regular meet-ups, conferences and workshops.

"Talent is cool. Talent gravitates toward cool. Talent attracts more talent."

Tom Peters, author and management consultant

Come join our community!

We believe that new experiences enrich life – and learning new things works especially well together. In the following groups of the Open InnoApps Network you can exchange with other talents, benefit from the skills of others and advance them with your own skills. You too can enrich our community!

Become part of the Open InnoApps Network.

Are you interested in meeting people from the fields of digital technology, design, innovation and software development? Our network allows you to expand your horizons. You can develop yourself further, react to different Access projects and jobs and always discover something new. If you also want to be part of the InnoApps Network, just send us a message. Afterwards you will receive an invitation to the next meeting. We look forward to seeing you!

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