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From market research to market entry

We have systematically acquired the process of app development – initially with simple projects, and now also with complex applications. The process is always the same. It starts with market research and strategy, followed by wireframes and high-fidelity design. Finally, it’s on to programming and launching in the two most popular app stores, the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. In a very short time, we launched 32 apps and established our 54+ steps of app development as a consulting foundation for businesses.

Our 54+ steps of app development

1. market research
2. strategy for product development*
3. concept*
4. brand and marketing strategy*
5. corporate identity*
6. consulting / quality guide*
7. low fidelity prototype*
8. UX/UI high-fidelity prototype, handoff).
9. purchase and/or download vector graphics
10. determination of target markets (languages)
11. purchase and/or download images
12. documentation of media sources
13. clarification of image rights
14. purchase and/or download of content
15. purchase and/or download of sounds
16. sound/video recording
17. creation, export, handoff of the app icons
18. export, handoff as SVG/PNG
19. gamification policy, handoff*.
20. handoff to programming
21 Briefing/Handoff
22. directory structure and basic settings with Gitub
23. configuration with Codemagic CI/CD
24. creation of the UI
25. localization (translation into different target languages)
26. installation Firebase
27. unit tests
28. widget tests
29. app publication in Google Play Console
30. creation of the app name for Google Play
31. app publication in App Store Connect

32. creation of the app name for the App Store
33. information input for Google (store entries)
34. information input for Apple (app product page)
35. creation and insertion of the privacy policy at Google.
36. creation and insertion of the Apple privacy policy (german/english)
37. creation and deployment of user support at Apple.
38. preparing and uploading screenshots & icons to Google
39. preparing and uploading screenshots & icons at Apple
40. test with Firebase
41. test with test flight
42. upload * as .apk
43. upload * as .ipa
44. submit to Google for review
45. submit to Apple for verification
46. app available in Google Play Store
47. app available in app store
48. reviews and comments at Apple
49. reviews and comments on Google
50th app campaign at Apple*
51. universal app campaigns (UAC) at Google*.
52. growth hack strategy*
53. applying the growth hack strategy*.
54. performance analysis

WeTrips app: plan and book trips

About the project

The WeTrips app takes into account everything that is important to users on vacation: for example, the perfect beach, the right hotel, a sea view or a certain type of food. Extras such as a rental car, insurance, wellness or a jet skiing option can also be selected.

This makes the WeTrips app ideal for families and couples who want to relax – and don’t want to spend hours looking for and comparing suitable package tours. The app captures all travel requests easily and quickly and then sends travelers multiple matching offers.

Travel App: Information to accompany your trip

About the project

Travel-related information such as invoices or current notices are often retrieved and processed in analog form in the travel industry. The travel app solves this problem: It allows travelers to conveniently manage trips and stays via smartphone. In the travel app, users can view and manage various information, including the following:

+ Invoices
+ travel documents
+ Add booking
+ Invite travel travellers
+ Current notes
+ Passport and visa information
+ settings
+ News updates as push notifications
+ Travel updates as push notifications
+ Add insurance
+ Online check-in
+ Flight change
+ Receipt of payment
+ Additional benefits
+ Book event tickets, e.g. for concerts or tours
+ Rent a car
+ Get travel feedback

BMI Calculator App: easy weight control

About the project

Body Mass Index (BMI) measures body weight in relation to height. Based on the value, you can quickly see whether you are normal, overweight or underweight. Since the method of measurement is very simple, BMI is the most commonly used diagnostic method to classify weight and thus one’s health.

This app not only measures BMI, but also determines the health of the body from other points of view. Each person can enter important details for calculation in this app. About the body fat percentage of the body is as important as counting calories. In addition, the BMI app tells users whether they are gaining, losing or maintaining weight.

The user-friendly interface of the app makes it a simple, clear and useful helper.

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